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Caribou Contest Results

Single Contest Statistics

The Single Contest Statistics shows the results of just one contest. Top scoring students are displayed on the leaderboard along with their ranking. Each page also has other statistics, such as the total number of participants and participation by country.

Caribou Cup Standing

The Caribou Cup Standing displays rankings for the Caribou Cup. A student's Caribou Cup score takes into account the student's performance throughout the year, based on their best 5 out of the 6 contests from October through May. Top-performing students may earn cash prizes for their performance in the Caribou Cup. For more information, please see the Prizes page.

Overall Contest Statistics

The Overall Contest Statistics shows aggregate information about the contests. It can show information across all years, or across all grades.

My Results

If you are a student or parent of a student, sign in with your student name and Access Code to view your results on the Student homepage. If you are a Caribou Coordinator (teacher), sign in to view your students' results on your Coordinator homepage. Additionally, when viewing the pages Single Contest Statistics and Caribou Cup Standing, you can specify rankings within your country, province, and school board if you are signed in.

Results of Most Recent Contest

Single contest statistics results for May 2022: