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Overall Contest Statistics (Mathematics Only)

Number of Contests1
Number of Tests Written3
Number of Tests in English3 (100%)
Number of Tests in Français0 (0%)
Number of Tests in فارسی0 (0%)
Number of Tests in 中文0 (0%)
Number of Tests in Українська0 (0%)
Number of Tests in Azerbaijani0 (0%)
Number of Tests in ខ្មែរ0 (0%)
Number of Tests in Tiếng Việt0 (0%)
Number of Tests in Bahasa Melayu0 (0%)
Number of Students3
Average Score0.00%
Average Time33:42
Number of Schools1
Number of Countries1
Most Participants in one Contest (Caribou_Jan_18_2023_Grade_9_10)3
Most Participants in one Day (Jan 26th, 2023)3
Tests written / Students in Grade 9/10 Caribou Cup3 / 3 = 1.00
Contest DayNumber of Participants
January 26th, 20233

Most Frequently Participating Schools

SchoolNumber of Contests HeldCity
Caribou Virtual School2St.Catharines, ON

Country Participation

CountryNumber of SchoolsNumber of StudentsAverage Students per SchoolNumber of Tests WrittenAverage Tests per Student

Province Participation

CountryProvinceNumber of Tests WrittenPercent of Total
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The red line indicates the 10th least squares approximation to the data.