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Interactive Calcrostic©, Puzzle

Total number of plays: 227560
Total number of wins: 208826

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New puzzle size:

The solution to this puzzle is not available.

Want to try more Calcrostic Puzzles?

For a plethora of puzzles for all levels with detailed solving instructions, try the Calcrostic Puzzle Book available for purchase in our Online Shop. It can be purchased for a whole school or an individual student or Contact. It is included in our all-inclusive packages. To access the book, go to Prepare > More > Calcrostic Puzzle Book.

For daily practice, try the Calcrostic puzzle on the Caribou Homepage. Come back every day for a new Calcrostic and the solution to yesterday's puzzle!

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Interactive Calcrostic puzzles are featured in two to three of the six mathematics contests in every Caribou Cup, and we also plan to offer standalone Calcrostic Competitions for those who really love to crack codes and put their number sense and computation skills to the test. Keep practicing: the more puzzles you solve, the easier they become!