Caribou Coordinator Registration

Rules of Registration
In the following the management of Caribou Contests Inc. is abbreviated by 'Caribou'.

  • By signing up for a Caribou Coordinator account, you acknowledge that you will maintain the integrity of our contests and ensure that students abide by the Contest Rules. You will not give nor allow unfair help during the contest and you will ensure that you or another adult will supervise contest participation.

  • Caribou reserves the right to cancel participation of students in the case of misconduct, especially unfair help or collaboration. Please see Unfair Participation if you are unsure what constitutes misconduct.

  • Caribou puts much effort in making questions as clear as possible and to avoid any logical errors. Comments on improvements or corrections are most welcome. However, Caribou reserves the right to decide unilaterally on the final form of questions, their solutions and the marking of questions.

  • Caribou is grateful for Coordinators' help organizing contest participation. In the event that Caribou Contests cannot be held at Coordinator's institution, and students/parents ask Caribou for assistance to access the contests, then Caribou reserves the right to help them participate.

  • Caribou collects some information about its users. Some school and user information publicly, including but not limited to: 1) the name and address of participating institutions as well as the name of those organizing the contests there for the purpose of helping students register, and 2) the names of top-ranking students as well as their school. By registering students for Caribou Contests, you confirm that you have the consent of minors' parents or guardians. Users may at their discretion use aliases instead of their real information. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy
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