Caribou in Covid: Contests are running online as usual. Check out the FAQ for further questions.

Free service:

  • Registration as a contact for a school, library or home school
  • Contest participation from a small number of countries is completely free, currently Ghana, Lebanon, Mali, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda.
  • Grade 2 students:
    • Participation in all contests
    • Access to online math and logic games for grade 2 contest participants
  • Grade 3..12 students:
    • participation in the October contest
  • Access to questions and solutions of the last October contest for all grade levels
  • 250+ video clips from the Caribou Contests channel on Youtube and Daily Motion

Purchase of contest participation:

  • Enables participation in current year's contests
  • Gives access to online math and logic games

Other standalone items:

  • Detailed written solutions of the current year's and previous year's contests with the bonus of:
    • Practise access of those questions and
    • Access to online math and logic games
  • Online mini courses/tutorials on:
    • Interactive Geometry
    • Interactive Mazes
    • Interactive Proof By Induction
    • Combinatorial Game Theory For Chomp and iChomp
  • A Calcrostic book

Access to Games:

  • Public access to games is time limited.
  • Unrestricted access to games is given to currently valid access codes, i.e.
    • grade 2 access codes,
    • free grade 3..12 access codes before the first free contest in October,
    • paid grade 3..12 access codes.
    and as a bonus when purchasing previous years practice tests or current year written solutions.